Photo Dumpity Dump

4 Feb



King Cakes, homemade bitches. These are basically giant sweet bready donuts (not THE sweetbread, just bread-overflowing-with-sugar sweet bread). They gave my little standing mixer quite a workout, but they were worth it! The bread had to rise in 85 degrees, so we cranked the heat and closed the bathroom doors and our bread rose on the toilet (in a firmly covered bowl). Hope that’s not gross, because I would do it again (and might, this week!)


MMMmm, that’s the rolled up innards of toilet-risen sweet bread. Jealous?


Groundhog Day movie-watching spread! See, half the table is green for spring, and half is white for winter! GET IT??? Man, Groundhog Day is such a great movie. It gets better every time I see it. Top five of the favorite all-time movie list, for sure. And it has awesome food themes, since at least five scenes involve some kind of eating. Flapjacks! Blood sausages! Sweet vermouth with a twist! They just did my job for me! Thanks, Bill Murray.


Despite what some people may think, those are groundhog eyes, not groundhog boobs.



End of January brought my birthday and Stephen’s birthday, a day apart, as is our birthdays’ wont. It was very chill. Nobody is ever in the mood for celebrating birthdays in the dead of January, when they’re just getting over all the holiday excesses and such, but the lads were way into it. Especially Hugo, as you can tell.


Stephen’s parents did break out the good bubbly for le birthdays though, which was fantastic. Dom Perignon! Classy!


 My good college buddy Liz visited with her freshly-fianced-fiance David. That week was frolicsome and full of friendly woodland creatures.


Yep, that’s about all I got. Or at least all the pictures I feel like mucking around with. Birthday-hatted dogs, friendly crows, psychic rodents. All in a January’s work.


One Response to “Photo Dumpity Dump”

  1. Karen March 3, 2013 at 3:10 am #

    OMG. Now I want to paint the doggies again with party hats on 🙂

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