bunny suits and booties

14 Mar

Hugo outside, the only time he ever looks small. He's getting so big!

So! I have survived my first two days of the new job!

And it is so great. I really like it. I mean, there’s lots of boring orientation stuff now, but the people are SO nice and I am learning SO much and I actually feel like I am doing something with my days, instead of just clicking boxes and wasting my time (sorry old job. But you know it’s true).

I’m going to be working with engineers, writing and translating stuff for them into “normal people” speak. But right now there’s not much for a “normal” (ie, dumb) person like me in terms of training. But I need to understand a lot of the engineers’ tools and processes. So, I am going to be shadowing engineers in the clean room for three weeks, in addition to getting my real job training, which means I am going to be working 12 hour days, 50+ hours a week, including Saturdays. It’s NUTS. Luckily I have random weekdays off (like today) for those weeks, but it’s gonna be brutal. The upshot is I am paid hourly, so I can get my house down payment paid off with all that overtime pay. But even better? I get to wear a clean room suit. It looks a lot like this:

Actually, it looks EXACTLY like those suits, right down to the zippers. That’s what I will be wearing for 12 hours a day (with an hour break for lunch). I start my first “C shift” (lingo!) tomorrow, but we got a tour yesterday and were taught how to disinfect, etc. The clean rooms are AMAZING. The whole tour I just kept thinking of how it was the closest I would ever get to being in Star Wars. They have automated machines picking up and putting stuff down, and running on tracks all around you. Picture little R2-D2s on tracks zipping through your workspace. It’s also just fun to be all suited up and anonymous. I noticed that people get a lot closer to you then they otherwise would; walking spaces diminish and normal-talkers become close-talkers. You can only see each others’ eyes and tops of noses, so I guess it takes away some of the social norms of personal bubbles when you don’t have as many visual distinctions separating each other.

I really want to hear some romance stories from the clean room. My boss was telling me how people will get to know you by your body shape and walking style, and you’ll be good friends with clean room peeps who you won’t recognize when you see them in the cafeteria. So there must be some tale of two people falling in love, just being able to see each others’ eyes. QUEL ROMANTIQUE!!!!! And this is how you know I’m not really an engineer: when in the clean room I’m busy pretending I’m in Star Wars and thinking about bunny-suited people’s intraoffice romances, instead of actually listening to information on oxidation processes and all that shit I’m supposed to be observing. So, obviously off to a great start learning stuff and paying attention at my new job!!


And now I’m going to nap the rest of the day.


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