everything’s growing!

28 Feb

We shall open this post with a gratuitous puppy picture:

Look at the size of those front paws.

Hugo remains an obnoxious terror of a delightful puppy. He’s starting to show personality traits, which is fun to watch. So far we know he is super lazy (see photo above: he lies down to drink out of his water bowl) and is sensitive to loud noises (which is apparently a Pyrenees trait. Whenever Cosmo barks, Hugo runs. Which is weird because being a loud and voracious barker is also a Pyrenees trait, but maybe he’ll grow into that one). He also LOVES to chew slippers and shoes, because he is a stereotype in the fuzzball flesh.

Cosmo and Hugo, chillin'

He and Cosmo are still getting along like gangbusters. We often warn Cosmo that Hugo is going to have his revenge for all of those tug-o-wars and chase times where Cosmo smugly dominates. But I don’t think Cosmo is quite worried yet. Stephen and I have a bet going as to what Hugo’s full grown weight will be. I say 80lbs, Stephen says 110lbs. Secretly I hope he stays this tiny and fluffy forever, but seeing as he is growing like a weed on growth hormones in radioactive super-growth soil, I think that is an unlikely wish to come true.

And now begins the (mostly)non-dog related section of this post!

Dear reader: I AM GOING TO KILL AT GARDENING THIS YEAR!!! Mostly thanks to other people stepping in and helping with the greening of my thumb. First, there is this:

An amazing aerogarden birthday gifted to me by the amazing Vivienne. It is growing a tomato plant that is luminous and wonderous! And I get to self pollinate it now that there are flowers, and it makes the whole room smell like fresh planty plantness, which is lovely. There was this time not long ago, that I won’t get into here, when I got a job offer in another state and in all the moving discussions number one on the list was HOW WILL WE MOVE THE AEROGARDEN WITHOUT KILLING IT? So, naturally I didn’t take the job (there may have been other factors at play too, but mostly it was aerogarden).

grow my pretties. GROW!

It also makes me feel all mad scientisty for some reason, which is an added perk.

THEN I met Emily, who is a genuine goddess in all thinks garden. Garden Goddess!

even puppies are awed by her presence

She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and I am lucky enough to know some really terribly nice people, so that is a big deal. She has been helping me with gardening tricks, even wrote up a five-page starter’s guide to gardening for me and gave me a bunch of seeds and didn’t laugh at me when we went to a seed swap together and I kept being all, SEEDS ARE SO AAAMMAZZINNNGGGG!!!

so crazy

Because they are so amazing! Those little itty bitty seeds grow to be delicious, delicious foods. Maybe I’m just all disconnected-from-the-earth and such, but I don’t think I will ever not find that mind-boggling and beautiful.

ANYWAY Emily taught me all these great seed-starting stuffz to build my skillz and if I don’t have a bountiful garden this summer, I will only have myself to blame. 

seedlings! magic!



One Response to “everything’s growing!”

  1. Karen March 1, 2012 at 2:57 am #

    I am so impressed by your green thumb!! Alas, I think the only way I shall ever have one is if I use my glorious painting skills to paint it 🙂

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