Happy Valentine’s Everyboooodyyy!

15 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

We didn’t do much, as is our tradition, I guess, since we didn’t do much last year either. I just asked Stephen to make me dinner and I would make desert, and he hit it out of the park with some tuna melts and spinach artichoke dip. There’s an awesome Boise restaurant called Bar Gernika that makes amazing tuna melts that we are both obsessed with recreating (I know, it wouldn’t seem that hard to recreate melted tuna and cheese, but Bar Gernika’s are just magical), so the melts were an ode to that, and the spinach artichoke dip is always our eating out go-to appetizer. Sometimes our go-to dinner. 

He added double the cheese, because he knows me so well.

they don't look pretty, but they tasted BEAUTIFUL

I’m not one to be all, a MAN cooked for me, it’s AMAZING, but Stephen doesn’t like cooking, so it was more meaningful than just some gender-reversal-roleplay. And I tried out the nytimes recipe that are supposed to be the best chocolate chip cookies evah. They were pretty good. I’m not really a cookie person, but Stephen is and he really liked them, which means they’re good I guess? I liked them fine, the coarse salt that is supposedly the secret ingredient (that, along with refrigerating the dough overnight) makes an interesting taste addition.

But here’s what you really want (if you’re like me anyway). New puppy pictures!

puppy in repose

He’s harder to photograph now because he is always moving. But he and Cosmo are finding a wrestling middle ground.

Cosmo's head is as big as the puppy's body. But not for long.

We’re still figuring out names. Top runners are Hugo, Newton, and Gordie. Ludo is still a maybe, but he doesn’t really look like a Ludo. I like Newton, but calling him Newt for short makes me think of Gingrich, and I haven’t been able to disassociate that yet, and it’s not good to feel a rage cloud fill my brain every time I call my puppy. I’ve tried calling him Newty for short instead, but that sounds like Nudie, which is unfortunate. So right now we’re test-driving Hugo.

And to even things out, here’s a pic of Cosmo by himself. He’s really loving having another dog around, it’s pretty much the greatest thing that ever happened to him.

This is Cosmo's ready to pounce pose.


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