Might as well face it

14 Feb


So, I might have an addiction. (Or should I say, an aDOGtion! Ba-dum-ching!) This is my new puppy. After having been puppy-less for ten years, this is the second puppy I’ve adopted in six months. Once you pup, you can’t stop (stup)!

I am working from home permanently now (which is a WHOLE other post), and figured it was the best time to get a puppy, because when else am I going to be home, all day, every day? Hopefully never, touch-wood-throw-salt-to-employment-gods-and-fairies-that-they-don’t-decide-saying-that-is-tempting-fate-and-make-me-lose-my-job. I mean, it’s almost criminal to NOT adopt a dog in these circumstances. And don’t get me wrong, Cosmo is the greatest dog ever and I love him like whoa, but he also loves puppies, and he does not in any way object to this new addition. He might even be more excited than I am.

Cosmo is waiting patiently for his new toy

At one point I was holding the new pup, and told Cosmo to sit, and he did so with the exact expectant look on his face that he has when he’s sitting for a pupperoni. So, yeah. This pup is really more Cosmo’s pet than ours. Or will be, once the little fella is old enough to properly play. He’s only about 6-8 weeks, so he’s still in that goofball puppy stage of walking like he’s on marbles, and he’s not quite up to Cosmo’s roughing and tumbling. But he is either a great Pyrenees/lab mix, or a great Pyrenees/Newfoundland mix, and either way, he is going to outweigh Cosmo in like, a month.

We’re still working on names, the front runners right now are Ludo (from Labyrinth) and Newton (Newt for short). I also like Murdock and Mumford, but Stephen’s not sold. HE wants Newman, to make our dogs both Seinfeld-related-names, but since I hate Seinfeld, I’m not really on board with that. I think he just wants to imitate the NEWMAN hiss anytime puppy does bad. Which so far is not often! He seems to know that outdoors is for potty, he pees/poops as soon as he gets on grass. He hasn’t quite realized the reverse of that; which is that indoors isn’t for potty, but we’re working on that.

obviously the most comfortable place to lie down. But he is right at my feet, so he's doing his dog-ly duty.

 Anyway, I should probably un-friend all the zillions of Idaho humane society/rescues that I follow on Facebook. Or else this new puppy thing is going to end up being a recurring monthly blog feature.


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