Grumpiness and water

29 Jan

Weekend was all about the H2 to the O! In various forms. First, in the form of frozen water, and the sport played there-on: HOCKEY.


Stephen and I went to a live game of the Idaho Steelheads with some friends. So fun! Although I am probably the only hockey fan (and yes, I like it enough to call myself a fan now. I will choose to watch it on tv even!) who doesn’t like the fights. I mean, I enjoy them in that I understand they are a big part of hockey, and one of the most fun things about the sport is how much it has retained its schoolyard sensibilities, and fighting is a big part of that.  But it just stresses me out. Their poor mothers watching and worrying!

It is pretty funny to see them both throw their gloves to the ground, though. It reminds me of that moment when you can tell two dogs are about to fight; their body language suddenly goes aggressive. And then the refs just stand there and watch, which is also amusing. But the fight though! Punches! Scary! And what’s the point? I mean, they know the fight is going to be broken up. Here is where Stephen would interrupt with points about how fights impact team morale in the game, and how much that matters to game momentum, and the noble role of enforcers, etc. In any case, hockey is fun, fights and all.

And now I’m going to boringly rant at you. Let me tell you how stupid the Idaho Steelheads’ mascot is.

Firstly, Steelheads is a great name. It sounds tough, it’s unique, and it’s regionally appropriate. Awesome! But who is the big costumed critter at the Steelheads games?

Yes. A bear. Dressed in fishing gear. So if you didn’t already know that bears eat steelheads (aka rainbow trout), you would know that now. Also, the team the Steelheads were playing on Friday? The Utah Grizzlies. Our mascot was basically for the other team. ALSO HOW HARD IS IT TO MAKE A FISH COSTUME? I mean, really, guys. If Colby can try to make the mule a hardcore mascot, you can at least TRY to get a steelhead fish to look mascotly. Or not! Make it a pun! Get someone just wearing a hockey uniform and a “head” of “steel.” Just put an old fashioned knight’s armor helmet on him if you want. DONE AND DONE. I would even support this: 

It’s not like your bear mascot is especially intimidating. This guy is just as tough-hocky-hardcore as your smiling bear IN A FISHING VEST:

YOUR MASCOT BLATANTLY WANTS TO EAT YOUR TEAM. I really . . . I just . . . don’t see the logic. Googling “why is the Idaho Steelheads mascot a bear” got me nowhere, so maybe I’m the only one. 

Ok, rant over. On that topic anyway. New rant! Covering Aqua: Part Deux of this theme post: Water with Animals in it!

 On Saturday I went to the new Idaho Aquarium with Gretchen. What a bummer that was.

except the seahorses. they are always cool.

I love me a good aquarium. I really wanted to love this place. It’s really small, but ok, it just opened so it’s still growing. It smells like a dirty fish tank, but ok, it’s working on its ventilation system. I was open-minded until I got to the shark/stingray petting pool.

"don't put your fingers in shark mouths."= excellent life advice

Even then I thought, ok, these are some little sharks I don’t know about that don’t grow too big.

ba dum. ba dum.

But nope. I couldn’t get a good pic, but there was clearly a baby hammerhead shark in the petting tank. So what are they going to do when those grow up? They have no room for them. Let alone the fact that there was no supervision over the shark/stingray petting, so kids could just stick their hands in and grab the poor animals any old way they wanted. And you can talk about parental supervision all you want, you know that some of the parents would be just as bad, though. “Here, kid, let me show you how to grab a shark by the dorsal fin!” I didn’t actually SEE anything bad there (not that I was really looking), but at the stingray tank in New Orleans Aquarium, where they even HAVE supervision, I have seen people basically pull the animals out of the tank just because they can. And even if I hadn’t seen that, I have, you know, met a human or two in my life, so I know what they can do. And what they can do really well is disregard rules when they feel like it, especially when there’s no one there enforcing said rules.

And oh, man, and there were SO MANY KIDS THERE. I literally think Gretchen and I were the only two adults who were there sans child. It was ridiculous, to the point that I felt like people were hostile about us looking at stuff for longer than five seconds, because we were taking up precious time when their kidlet could be tapping on the glass of “Nemo’s” tank. Most of the fish tanks were no bigger than the ones you’d see in PetCo, so there wasn’t a lot of sharing space. But, ok, whatever, Boise is very family-friendly, and this is catering to that, and that’s fine. There was very little focus on conservation or education though, which was also really annoying (there was NO focus on conservation that I noticed, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt that some info was there and I didn’t see it). A lot of the tanks had no labels, and the ones that did had labels that were these electronic do-hickeys that changed screens way too fast for me to read, let alone for a kid to read. 

hey, this looks cool! No idea what it is, but whatever! FISHIES.

The last room before exciting the aquarium had balloon sculptors, who were making balloon octopi and balloon sharks and such for the kids. Cute! Especially since toddlers and balloons go together SO WELL. We were in that room maybe five minutes and heard at least three balloon pops. Loud, violent, and startling noises+an extremely crowded room of 80% children=MAGIC.

Doesn't that fish look sick? I'm no marine biologist, but I think I've seen these fish before, and they didn't have brown stuff all over them.

But everyone else seemed to be having fun, so maybe I’m just a spoil sport. The last aquarium I went to was in New Orleans, and that shit is tough to beat. The gift shop goods at least seemed rightly embarrassed to be there: there were little dolphin sculptures and such that had “California” written on them. Which makes about as much sense as having your mascot be your team namesake’s main predator, but what do I know? Well, I know I want my $9 back from the aquarium, but not much more than that, apparently.


2 Responses to “Grumpiness and water”

  1. Karen January 30, 2012 at 2:32 am #

    I had the *exact* same response (and rant) about the Steelheads mascot! I was like, so their mascot is the animal that eats their team animal?! That’s like the Miami Dolphins having a giant tuna net as their mascot. LAME.

    • camalittle January 30, 2012 at 3:58 am #

      Hahah, love the analogy! And I am glad I’m not the only one! I am a very lazy researcher, but apparently they used to have a more accurate mascot named Bonk? Who they retired, for some reason? And I have to like the bear a little bit I guess, because apparently he’s a vegetarian:

      BUT STILL!

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