Strollin’ in a winter wonderland

18 Jan


Know what’s even better than getting a mid-January visit from one of your Favorites, whom you haven’t seen in years? Having her bring along a baby, a homemade baby that she created her very own self!!! (with some help from her husband, I think. But still, it’s amazing to me.)

lookit that face!

Is that a baby, or is that a baby? I ask you. Chelsea was telling me about a community art festival they went to, one of those things where kids sit around playing with fingerpaints and making macaroni picture frames, and teens volunteer to get their credits for National Honor Society. One of the teen girls sitting by them took one look at Michelle and said, “Oh my god, she is going to be SO conceited.” Totally sincere and deadpan. Chelsea thought it was about the most hilarious backhanded compliment ever (and man, what must that poor girl’s life be like that she sees a cute kid and assumes she’s going to be a total bitch later in life?).

But seriously, this girl is gonna be so conceited. And rightfully so. Know what’s even cuter than a cute baby?

A PUPPY AND A BABY! Michelle and Cosmo had a love/hate relationship. Or rather, Michelle hated Cosmo at first, then learned to love him. It makes sense, because even though Cosmo was so awesome and gentle with her . . . he is also bigger than her, and really, really loved licking her face. And she’d met maybe two other dogs in her life, so. He was pretty much a huge, wet, monster coming at her every five minutes. But once she learned to think of those licks as kisses, they found a common ground.

In addition to being the adorable owner of some adorable dimples, Michelle has a well-developed sense of humor. She is learning the basic locations of all the major facial landmarks: eyes, ears, lips, nose, etc. You ask her to find your nose, and she will happily oblige via a pudgy fingertip up your nostril.

So when she got comfortable with Cosmo, I asked “Where’s the doggy’s nose?” She contemplated, then gently touched his nose. GENIUS! BRILLIANT! BRAVOOOO!!! “Michelle, where’s the doggy’s eyes?” A beat of contemplation, and then she gently touched his nose and giggled. Amazing comedic timing, that one.

Chelsea said Michelle didn't like potato based foods. But then she tried some Idaho fries. Small fry loved her some french fries!

We did a bunch of Idaho-y things. I was a bit worried, since I’m not exactly versed in entertaining one-year-olds. But it turned out pretty good! We did some hot springing, some general exploring, lots of eating. And a stroll through the madness that is Cleo’s Ferry.

just your regular, everyday demonic boy on bike

look out behind you!

Lincoln approves.

look closely behind those deers . . . do you notice the . . .


they were everywhere!

 That place is just NUTS. Know what’s also nuts? A baby who knows sign language! She can’t form words, yet she can tell you when to change her diaper! On the other hand, all the brilliance is somewhat balanced by the fact that her favorite thing to do was put her socked feet in Cosmo’s water bowl. A complex dame, that one.


One Response to “Strollin’ in a winter wonderland”

  1. Karen January 19, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    I think the baby’s hat is what made my day!! Freaking ADORABLE!

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