Julius Copernicus Blue Dog

19 Dec

This is the last picture of Julius ever taken.

I took it Saturday morning. Julius had an emergency eye-removal on Friday, and Stephen had literally stayed up with him all night post-surgery, as the poor pup paced and cried. I relieved Stephen around 5 a.m., and he konked out on the couch next to his best friend. As Stephen fell asleep we were making jokes about getting Julius a Christmas-themed pirate eye patch. Three hours later he would have a seizure and not wake up.

I took this a few weeks earlier, whenever the last time the Saints played, judging by Stephen’s clothes. I think I was actually trying to get a picture of Cosmo’s crazy rolling here, but it better captured the amazing relationship of Jules and Stephen. For 11 years they always had each other, and there was never a more loved dog.

He could be terrifically annoying at times, but it was always from a place of love. The best example of that is the fact that Stephen and I haven’t sat next to each other on a couch in . . . well, ever (even when first dating Jules would come over whenever Stephen did, if we were hanging at home). If Julius was on the couch alone, he would cry loudly and voraciously until one of us sat next to him. Sometimes Stephen would move to sit next to Jules, and Jules would continue whining, while staring at me, until we switched positions. So on the one hand, it was annoying to have your seating controlled by a dog. On the other hand, it was hard to get mad at a dog whose only wish was to have us sitting next to him.

Before I met Julius, Stephen told me stories about him that I didn’t really believe. How he refused to lie down without having a blanket on him. How he would ignore normal sized snowmen, but bark at small-sized ones; he didn’t trust children. How he would drink water till he vomited, not for any medical reason, just because he liked drinking. How he’d bark at his own farts. I thought they were the adorable ramblings of someone anthropomorphizing their beloved pet. But they were all true, and then some. And I know that when I tell my Julius stories–and there are many–people won’t really believe them. Because there’s never been a dog as weird, sweet, and crazy as him. And there never will be again.


One Response to “Julius Copernicus Blue Dog”

  1. Karen December 24, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    He sounds like a wonderful loving dog. They do have their personalities, don’t they? I’m sorry for your loss, honey.

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