In which I am sad I ever left Manhattan

12 Dec

On a slow Thursday afternoon, I navigated myself to NPR’s best music of 2011 list. I loaded me up a playlist of all the posted songs, and hit play.

I didn’t get any farther than that, because after hearing the first song on the list, I spent the rest of the afternoon streaming Alabama Shakes songs and writing “Brittany Howard” in little pink hearts all over my Lisa Frank binder.

Then I created an excel spreadsheet to determine the monetary possibilities of ever seeing these rock-stars in concert in the nearest venues they were playing (Denver, Portland, and Salt Lake).

MEANWHILE, in New York City, one of my favorite bloggers was having a very similar experience. She found the Alabama Shakes in the same way, and became similarly obsessed . . .

And then venn diagrams diverge, in that Nora discovered they were actually playing in Brooklyn that night, and went to see them. THAT NIGHT. While I mooned about with my spreadsheets, trying to figure out if driving over the Rockies to get to Colorado in February was pure madness.

Sometimes, Boise, you really need to be more like New York.  


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