The goose is getting fat!

30 Nov

oh tannenbaum!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went to get our tree, because we are Those People. I hold off on the holiday songs and stuff at least till the 1st, but why would I want to put off making things pretty with lights and decoration?

I am not ashamed.

Since it’s the first year either of us have simultaneously had space and money to maybe get a tree larger than a shoebox, we decided to go balls out and get a real live tree that we cut ourselves! And by “cut ourselves,” I of course mean that Stephen sawed down alone. While I provided background music.

Hide yo' entlings, hide yo' entwives

There was only one tree farm we could find within driving distance. It was pretty teeny, but it had chestnuts roasting on an open fire (literally) so it gets points for authenticity. We wandered a bit, and discovered that they also grew tribbles there . . .

these fuzzy weird things were EVERYWHERE!

But we didn’t want tribbles! We wanted tree(bbles)! There was a perfect squat little dude right in our needed size, so we cut into his life force and ripped him from the ground right quick!

psyching up the ax to do its dirty, sinful business

"wanna come home with us, lil' fella?"

Idaho actually has permits you can buy that let you go into the national forest and cut down a tree from anywhere there . . . but that seems somehow meaner than getting it from a farm. The farm tree is fulfilling its destiny! Not being ripped from its natural forest friends and family (just go with me on this one).


eye of the tiger

We decorated that sucka up last night. After first eating the greatest pizza on the planet (Flying Pie’s baked potato pizza). Yep, in Idaho, we even put potatoes on our pizza. Because we are AWESOME.

hawt carb on carb action. WITH CHEESE.

We both have pathetic ornament collections, so treesy is pretty bare, but I’m ok with that. I’ve always loved the tree decorating tradition (I mean, duh, who doesn’t) but my mom’s a teensy bit anal about it, in a way that meant she would go back and rearrange the ornaments to her liking, which always annoyed the crap out of me (love ya mom, who doesn’t read this blog!). This was the first year I had a tree big enough to have bare spots,  and I embrace it in all its natural, sparsely and unevenly decorated glory. Plus it’s a REAL tree! I haven’t had one of those since . . . like, pre-teen-hood at the latest. It’s glorious. I am so used to bending the plastic branches up to help support a heavy ornament. Doesn’t work so well on these organic trees, somehow.

This post is sponsored by Stephen Doing Work While I Watch, Inc.

Here’s the final tree, all ready to be read in front of while eating a bowl of pumpkin pudding and drinking hot cocoa. Which is pretty much how I will be spending my evenings from now until Dec. 31st. (related: have y’all picked up your holiday-themed m&ms yet? I highly recommend the cherry cordial and mint chocolate varieties.) 



2 Responses to “The goose is getting fat!”

  1. vivren November 30, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    So cute! Also, I hear you about not cutting down trees in the forest. You might be like that scientist who accidentally cut down the oldest tree/organism in the world! Sucks to be that guy.

    What’s that funny face reflection next to the tree in the last picture?

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