people are scary

14 Nov

Last week I got this email from my old 12th-grade AP Econ and AP History teacher.

“Ms. Mylastname,

I have delayed much too long.  I hope that I can convince you to agree to a day and time for a coffee at some fine establishment of your choosing.  There are a number of items that I wish to discuss with you.


He got my email address from my momz; she taught his kid in sixth grade, and they live in the same neighborhood so they run into each other and swap kid updates. When he heard I was back in town he asked if she thought I would mind getting coffee with him. She knows he’s one of my favorite teachers of all time, so she passed along my email. This was back in like, July, so I had forgotten all about it till receiving his email.

Now, he has always been amusingly formal. He’s really witty and sarcastic, but even in high school he addressed us by Ms. and Mr. He is one of those cult favorite teachers that all the nerdy kids adore and are facebook friends with later in life (I don’t think he has facebook. I checked. But there is a “tribute” fake facebook page to him, created by a current student. As I said, cult teacher). I really liked his classes, but I haven’t talked to him since I was 18.

My point being, HOW WEIRD IS THAT EMAIL? He’s an eccentric-in-the-best-ways guy, but still. “Number of items that I wish to discuss with you”? He has MULTIPLE conversation topics PRE-PLANNED? What? With me?

I agreed to meet him tomorrow for coffee, though I have NO idea what will happen. All he knows about me post-high-school he got from my mom. Which means he knows that I worked as an editor for Penguin, and that I came home to get my master’s and probably a few embarrassing stories or embellished anecdotes. I imagine one of the following will happen:

  1. He will ask me to come and talk to his class about editing/writing. This is my guess because another teacher friend asked me to do the same. I will not accept the invitation, because I am not completely sure that I am no longer a high schooler myself, and I’m not sure I could handle standing in front of a class full of their evil.
  2. He has been writing a manuscript and wants to discuss the publishing biz. This would be slightly less awkward, since I did this with a friend’s mom a while back, who wanted advice on how to get published. I am happy to offer advice (GET AN AGENT) but I will avoid offering to read his manuscript at all costs. Unless it is a sci-fi/fantasy epic, of course, because that would be too good to resist. But I don’t need the pressure of a former teacher looking to me for an opinion. I like reading my peers’ stuff, but real grown-ups squich me out (which is why I did not take my friend’s mom’s hints that she’d really like an editorial eye. I’m a jerk.).
  3. He will invite me to join SD-6. If this blog post disappears after tomorrow, you’ll know this was the reason.

Basically, I feel confused as to why he could possibly want to talk to me, and am sure that it will end with awkwardness. Confusion and awkwardness were the two prevailing themes of my high school career, so it will be a nice blast from the past, I guess. Better brush up on my micro-economics, just in case he brings a pop quiz.


One Response to “people are scary”

  1. Lucy November 14, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    That is WAY creepy! I mean, I’ll err on the side of nicety and guess that he’s just getting a kick out of making you anxious/weirded out by writing that; but he’s oblivious to the fact that without facial expressions and body language, his email is merely… friggin’ weird.

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