Happy Halloween Hauntings!

31 Oct

Got the pictures developed from my Ghost Hunting disposable camera! There were a few duds: flash didn’t illuminate enough, or it was too bright out to see the ghostlies. But mostly I was terrifically pleased. To help celebrate today, the most wonderful holiday of the year (tied with Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Arbor Day), here are a few of my faves, scannified.

from the looks of Cosmo's eyes, it seems the lil' vampire ghost is already 2/3rds of his way through possessing the pup.

but since Cosmo is mostly soulless, ghostie vampie had to also possess him some Peggy. I love how she's kind of side-eyeing him. Peggy's attuned to the spiritual elements.

my dad was showing off a photo he just found of himself circa 1962. His proud ghostly ancestors hover above.

I like how he's chillin' on top of the fridge. Lazy ass ghost.

Isabelle was not pleased to learn there were ghosts accompanying our corn maze trip. "I didn't even SEE that one!"

NOOOO! Stephen! Turn AROUND!

even the chicken coop is haunted! By a little girl who likes to pet the chickies, apparently.

ghosts! Always dancing on your face! No respect.




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