Scarecrow strollin’

10 Oct

Sunday afternoon I took the nieces to a Scarecrow Stroll through the botanical gardens. Since Adyson is not the most obedient of two-year olds (ie, since she IS a two-year old), I also invited my dad. In Adyson’s world, this was the equivalent of inviting a huge bag of chocolates. She ADORES him. Anytime she got a streak of toddler curiousness  (like ignoring a plea of “Don’t touch!” or “The koi fish don’t want hugs!” ), I could just say “where’s grampa?” and she would find him and run to him full-pitch laughing, like he was a bucket full of puppies and bunnies. Mischief foiled!

As far as an event goes, it was more kid-friendly than I anticipated. I figured we’d look at some scarecrows and admire some leaves, and be done with it. But they had a mini-corn maize, leaf coloring station, pumpkin patch, and all kinds of kid-fun. We were there for an hour and barely saw anything outside the “Kid Activities” area. But that was fine, because there were still some pretty leaves and cool ‘crows there, and getting to hang with cute kidlets on a pretty day was worth watching them run through the maize for the tenth time.





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