Warning: Gratuitous doggie post

28 Sep

I’m a bit neurotic about Cosmo. I accept it, and am willing to be mocked for it.  He gets two walks and an hour at the dog park, daily. Which means he sees his friends more than I do. It’s hard for me to leave the grocery store without buying him a treat/toy. But whatever, he’s my dog, which means I am responsible for his happiness, so I am going to do what I can to make him happy, dang-nab it. Even if it means waking up at 5 a.m. and scheduling my social activities around whether or not he has been home alone all day.

Anyway, pre-emptive defensiveness over. My point is, I try to keep my dog happy and healthy. I have avoided getting him a crate for his work-day confinement because I worry it would give him pound flashbacks, and he is potty-trained, so it would mostly be just to keep him from being destructive. And I think (hope) that I can keep him from being destructive just by puppy-proofing and toy distractions. That has worked about 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time he has chewed and destroyed (in no particular order):

  1. an alarm clock
  2. a metal lamp
  3. books
  4. egg crate on the mattress
  5. window blinds (WHICH WERE UP AT THE TIME. He is half monkey)

And probably more that I’m forgetting. Oh, he has also chewed a small hole in the wall, but I blame myself for that (it was a morning I overslept and didn’t have time for his pre-work walk.) Anyway, so now we have puppy proofed to the extent that all that’s left in the bedroom with him is a bed (stripped of blankets/pillows), a futon, a small dresser, and a metal water bowl (because he ate his plastic water bowl). I even take his collar off when we leave, because I don’t want him somehow getting it caught on something. All these precautions are mostly for his own safety (did I mention he ATE a lot of that alarm clock? yes), as well as the safety of our possessions. And yet, the other day when I came home, he greeted me with this.

he is the macgyver of finding chewable dangers

A rubber necklace. Which came from the rubber foot slide guard on the bottom of his metal bowl. He chewed literally the only thing in the room, other than furniture, that could possibly be chewed. The BOTTOM of his water dish. 

I visited all the doggie daycares in Boise (more than you’d think!) before deciding on one (sidenote: I now have a dream of opening a doggie daycare in a bigger city. With a pool for swimming dogs, and  a special therapy room for traumatized dogs. Oh, yes, I have big ideas). And even to take him to daycare was a big decision, because I don’t want someone else puppying my puppy. I still worry that he will be bullied  by a mean dog, but there’s a doggie cam to watch them, and he LIVES for playing with other pups, so he’s basically in heaven. His first day was yesterday, and he did great. We watched him on the doggie cam, and he literally did not even sit down all day. He was a perpetual play bow and blurry brown flash. He was SO TIRED last night. He passed out in the car, which has never happened before, ever. I won’t take him daily (I don’t think he, or my wallet, could survive), but it’s nice to know that maybe one day a week will be enough to keep him from, I don’t know, eating the doorknob or something ridiculous. Which is likely the next step. I love puppies.

first day of daycare. he did not move from this position till bedtime.


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