I love October

27 Sep

Got some new decorations yesterday.

mummies' creep factor is way unappreciated

somehow the book in his hand ups the creep quotient

In an awesome/spooky twist, I put the same candles in all three, lit at the same time, yet the grim reaper’s was waaayyyyy burned down more than the others. Oooooowwaaaaoooooo!

again, the fact that he's holding the chain? genius. I appreciate such attention to detail in my death candles.

 I also about pee’ed my pants with excitement at finding this in Big Lots

Are you the Keymaster?

OMG DISPOSABLE GHOST HUNTING CAMERA. A ghost shows up in all your photos. I love humanity and the wacky things it gives me to spend my money on. Updated to add: Yes, I realize I could just use photoshop to put ghosts in pictures, but surprise ghosts are way better. GHOST SORPRESA. Also, so weird to use a non-digital camera.






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