And how the squirrels laughed and laughed

23 Sep

Our puppy had a rough Sunday (I resisted writing “ruff” but I am telling you I resisted because I only have so much strength). First, he stepped on a snake.* Then, he swam in a lake where his feet couldn’t touch (though he adorably tried to swim by walking on the bottom and moving his top feet and it was so desperately cute!). Last, he almost got smushed by a tree falling in our yard/on our house.

we live in a tree house now. GET IT???

And the tree is what I really want to write about, I just included the part about Cosmo because everything should include a puppy, in my opinion. But yea, a TREE FELL ON OUR HOUSE. With no provocation! Stephen and I were sitting around, watching a fun-filled-alien movie (Paul), without a care in the world, when we heard a House-shaking crack. I, inclined to be lazy, was like, “meh, just the neighbors doing something weird.” Stephen, inclined to not ignoring scary noises, stopped the movie and we got up to look out into the back yard. Cosmo was standing there very attentively looking towards our neighbors’, but right as we opened the sliding door he got a very OH SHIT puppy look on his face and bolted for the door. And then two seconds later our yard was Ferngully, right where puppy had just been standing. Cosmo continued freaking out, and I joined in, because ELECTRICITY IS SCARY and the tree obviously took down a power line and ELECTRICITY IS SCARY and I always forget what is a conductor and what is an insulator and what is a conductor ahhh! So we took the dogs and went out front (since it was impossible to go out back) to assess the damage.

trees aren't supposed to do that.

 It was a big tree. Big enough that the roots pulled up part of the neighbor’s fence on one side, while the top of the tree hung over the neighbor’s fence on the other side. I called the power company (after calling my mom to get the number, because how do people do these things without google?), and they were like, “oh, yeah, we have a downed line somewhere that means there are 52 houses without power in that zone.” And I was like, “I can tell you where that “somewhere” is, if you want.” When the power guy came I went out to meet him (Stephen had driven to WalMart by then to get flashlights. We are useless. This has strengthened my resolve to buy a fire extinguisher, though), and he cheerfully said, “So, you’re the one who saw the branch fall on the powerline?” and then I showed him our backyard, and then he called for backup and got floodlights and we didn’t have power for five more hours.

behold, the elusive wild lawn chair stalks its prey.

 And we still have half a tree in our backyard, but it’s slowly being cut up. Yesterday we even were able to open  the backdoor, which is nice, because the dogs didn’t really understand why they weren’t allowed out all of the sudden, and it made for lots of crying and yelling (by us and by them). And my garden was spared! I can’t really get to it to water it, but gardens don’t need water, right?

I’d been jealous of my east coast homies, what with the EARTHQUAKE and HURRICANE in one month, and complaining how Boise never has fun, life-threatening natural phenomenon.  And then I got a little mini-earthquake of my own (with the earth-shaking crack) AND some hurricane-like wreckage and clean-up! Best personalized act-of-God-disaster ever!

*it was a gopher snake, which then proceeded to slither over my feet. I was wearing vibrams, so I felt every little slithie. I tried to convince Stephen that since the snake so obviously wanted to chill with us, we should take him home and name him George. But he was as stubborn as he’d been on the whole Pot-Belly Pig Issue. Sigh.


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