Happy Anniversary!

1 Aug

When I first moved back to Boise, “two years” was the big blinking deadline circled in red and highlighted bright orange in my brain’s calendar. Deadline for what? Dunno. Life, I guess? Two years was the bare minimum it would take me to get my masters. Two years was the time I had left in my 20s. Two years seemed long enough for my future self to figure future stuff out; two years was short enough to not seem overwhelming to my then-present (now past) self who was taking a scary, non-figured out leap. (follow all that?)

And here we are. Today marks two years, bitches! While Boise and I still have our differences (WHY must you close EVERY good sushi restaurant on Sundays, Boise? And WHY do you not offer Indian food delivery? Huh? Don’t even get me started on Ethiopian food and the lack thereof. Boise, we have some things to work on, food-in-my-mouth-wise), I have to say that if 28-year-old-leaving-NYC-me knew that two years later I would be living with a cute goofy guy who makes great brownies, in a house with two doggies who play in the yard, and that I get to spend time with a four year old who loves to feed giraffes as much as I do, and that I know the best caves and waterfalls and hiking spots in all the SW of the state, and that I’ve made some really great friends and found some really great buffets and actually graduated within my desired timeframe and have a job that pays me enough that I can send my not-so-nearby friends the occasional care package . . . I would be pretty stoked.

Here’s to us, Boise!

I am so one with the Potato Spirit of Idaho that my feet have melded with its very potato essence, so that I am actually floating in this photo with the Potato God.


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