Reader, I adopted him

28 Jul

Remember when I said that a puppy would solve all my problems? Well, I decided to test that theory.

sitting loyally at my feet on our first meeting (he has read his Doggie Handbook)

I’ve long had my heart set on a Newfoundland or Bernese Mountaint or Great Pyrenees doggie. For those of you who don’t know dog breeds, these are all fluffy and huge and hugely fluffy doggies. It’s not so much that I wanted a specific breed, I just wanted something big and fluffy. But Stephen would only consider a dog who would be medium sized, so that he wouldn’t overwhelm our old grumpus dog with super-sized puppyness. I still had big and fluffy dreams, but was ready to settle for medium and cute and cuddly (fluffy isn’t a great idea in Idaho summers anyway, and our living areas are pretty cramped spaces for 100 lbs of energy to be running through). My landlords, however, were leaning towards only allowing us to adopt a 12 year old Chihuahua with no legs (ie, a small dog who has none of the puppy zooms that lead to destruction of property). 

he learned from watching Julius (sigh . . .)

About two weeks ago I decided to test my landlords’ resolve by asking them about adopting a little pug from the Ada County Shelter. They were open to the idea, and even though the pug didn’t work out, their openness allowed me to go into Full On Delta Force Death Con Alpha Puppy Search mode, now that I knew the puppy would not end up living on the streets with us in a cardboard box (after we were evicted for getting the puppy, you see).

I dragged Stephen to several local shelters in the surrounding counties. This was a big deal for him, since he was attacked by a pit bull a few years ago, and half the dogs in any shelter around here are pit bulls. He’s not a fan of walking down halls with big pit bulls barking at him from both sides and throwing themselves at the kennel doors. But he is just another example of how searching out the perfect puppy can compel one to great lengths of courage.

We found this guy in the Canyon County Shelter.

love at first strangle--er, neck rub

He’s 9 months old, a german shepherd mix who had been turned in as a stray. He met Stephen’s requirements of being only-medium sized,  and met my requirements of having an exemplary butt wiggle and overwhelming cuteness. He was just the tops. When we walked past his cage the first time, he wagged his tail so hard that his body went into what scientists call “kidney bean butt.” In layman’s terms, this means that his whole back half wiggled to the point that his tail was basically touching his nose in an extreme kidney bean shape. And when we kept walking past him he jumped up on the fence door of his kennel and watched us go, puppy eyes set to maximum guilt-power.

We couldn’t adopt him that day because we were there just 20 minutes before close, and there was paperwork and such to fill out. Plus, there was an ad for pug-rottweiler mix puppies that we were planning on investigating. Mostly because HOLY WHAT THE HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN. It is a love that dares to cross the boundaries of logic and physics.



Also, those are two breeds that we both really like, and the combination seemed too good to pass up. But that was before we had gone to the CC Shelter. Stephen was still into meeting the puppies (who were really young, like 6 weeks, which was a point in the negative column), but he saw that I had already made the shelter pup’s picture the background on my phone, and he knew it was a lost cause (and was very sweet about it. Also, the pugweilers were four hours away round trip, so that was kind of daunting).

he's also mastered the puppy head-tilt

And thus, we adopted Cosmo Adama. The name choice is a whole other saga. We had a few days before getting him, because he had to be fixed, and it was torture trying to namestorm without gazing into his little puppaduppa face for inspiration. We agreed on Cosmo with the caveat that Stephen can only make a Seinfeld reference (as in, Cosmo Kramer) once a month (because I kind of hate Seinfeld). But Cosmo really suits him. He’s smart and goofy and very cuddly, and I’m worried he’s going to break his back before he’s a year old, from his kidney bean love for all the world (except men in baseball hats. No loves for them).

sleepy puppy

And yes, that little face pretty much solves all my problems.


2 Responses to “Reader, I adopted him”

  1. Rebecca July 28, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    ZOMG That is the cutest thing ever. EVER. (BTW this is Anna’s friend, Rebecca.)

  2. camalittle July 28, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    haha, thanks Rebecca! You should totally come to Idaho to cuddle him. He will kidney bean his way into your heart!

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