The Curious Incident of the Birdhouse in the Nighttime

23 Jun

Upon closing our bedroom window this morning, I saw this:

It is the back of a birdhouse. A birdhouse that wasn’t there last night before I went to bed (and I know this because we did poop scoop last night).

I’m thinking our neighbor dropped it off? Because he is a really nice guy. And once when I asked him to borrow his wheelbarrow he just put it in the backyard without telling me he was doing that. And he gets up at 5 a.m. and does loud yard work. But . . . we didn’t ASK him about a birdhouse. We have no where to put a birdhouse. Frankly, birds just tore up half my garden, so I would like them to be HOUSED somewhere other than our yard, if possible. And if you were going to just give someone something, wouldn’t you put it in their front yard, by their front door, that they go out of every day? This is not near the main section of our yard. When he put the wheelbarrow in the back, in about the same spot, it took me three days to notice it.

Look how close it is to House! To our bedroom window! Isn’t that a wee bit creepy? Sometime, between 10pm and 6am, our neighbor (I’m assuming . . .) thought it was necessary to go into our backyard and leave a birdhouse. With no note.

I guess I’m ok with that. As long as there’s not like, a camera inside or something. I have nothing against nice odd peoples. I prefer them, in fact. And apparently they think I prefer birds?


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