Scully and Spirals

22 Jun

The first official MaX night! It is a night that consists of:

1-eating homemade mac and cheese (where the Ma’ comes from)

2-watching the X-Files

It is a Monday tradition I have wanted to start for awhile. Stephen loves him some X-Files, but since I have only seen episodes here and there, we are starting from the beginning. Scully looks SO YOUNG.

Also, lovely Liz J. gave me this mac and cheese cookbook ages ago, and I now finally have time to search out exotic cheeses (smoked gouda goat cheese, I WILL HAVE YOU) and try them recipes out with my mouth.  Although, I am also trying to reverse the evolution of my fat pants into my normal pants (thanks, grad school!) so I made this lighter version for the first night. I’ve made it before, and it is delicious and super-quick.

goat cheese and asparagus pasta. And Scully!

I love theme nights. It is the curse of being the child of an elementary school teacher. Stay tuned for Vegan Vednesdays!

Gratuitous animal pictures:

She is nothing if not dignified

obviously, the most comfortable place in the house for a nap


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