Always watching, always waiting

24 May

One of the best things about House is that it has a yard. A nice, big, if slightly odd-shaped, yard. All those descriptors could also be applied to Julius, so he seems to feel right at home there.

That is his happy face

One of the best things about having a yard is getting stuff to put in that yard! I have big plans that involve hammocks and homegrown strawberries. But for now, we just have this small collection of outdoor creatures. I call them the Solar Army. Because . . . well, look.

By day . . .

they await your command

. . .by night (the green glow is the frog’s belly, the others are eyes.)

yes, this is what I see every time I look out the sliding glass door after 9pm

I especially love Log Faces eyes. Doesn’t he look kind of sad and forlorn? He’s the emotionally-vulnerable Ent-friend you always wanted! His eyes glow with his love!

They three diligently guard House, all eyes on, day and night. Because even though we live in a nice neighborhood, well, you never know when you might need a Solar Army for protection.

(low pitched Jaws music)



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