New digs, new crafts, new movie

16 May

This weekend felt like a whole week. In a good way. I moved out of my apartment, moved into a HOUSE (the first house I have lived in since I was 18, the first one ever that did not also contain my parents) wherein Stephen the boyfriend and Julius the boyfriend’s neurotic dogfriend will also be living; made my first decoupage; and saw Bridesmaids.

My new roommates

A random assortment of thoughts/facts on each of the above mentioned occurrences.


  • Renting the new place was surprisingly pain-free (KNOCK ON EVERY WOOD IN REACH). It was the first place we looked at (which, I realize now, is a pattern with me. I have never looked at more than two places whilst searching for a new abode. But it’s always worked out well, so, here’s to not shopping around!), the landlord seems nice and laid-back-yet-on-his-game, and it’s got a basketball hoop and very soft carpet. So basically, perfect.
  • Stephen and I started calling it House, proper noun, as soon as we signed the lease, because we were so excited. He hasn’t lived in a place with more than two doors (front and bathroom) for like, years.
  • We already got into a tussle with our neighbor (it involved us moving a sled we thought was the landlord’s, but was actually hers, just being stored on our side of the property), but it was resolved with cookies (Palestine and Israel, see how that works? Everything can be resolved with baked goods.)
  • Somehow my bed grew while in the moving truck, because the nightstands that used to be level with the top of the bed are now inches below it. Other witnesses verify that the bed is taller than it was in my apartment, so its not just my hallucinations. I think magic height-adjusting gnomes are to blame, but this is not yet verified.
  • My family met Julius for the first time. We had been avoiding this because Jules doesn’t like tall people or short people. Since my dad is 6 foot 6 and my niece is 2 foot 2, it made for a lot of sizest barking on the part of Julius. He liked my 5 foot 6 mom though right away.
  • The closet of House’s bathroom smells like my grandparents old house on Skeaneatles lake, which was my favorite place in the world until they sold it. Sometimes when I walk past the closet now I just stick my head in for a whiff.


  • This was an activity as part of a friend’s birthday party. I made a dragon design that became decreasingly intricate as I got further into the gluing-each-piece-down-one-by-one process.
  • Gluing down little pieces of glass is equal parts zen and annoying. Kind of like doing the dishes. But both tasks are satisfying, in the end.


  • Yes, I was one of the people prostelytizing about THE IMPORTANCE OF BRIDESMAIDS FOR FEMALE DRIVEN MOVIES. I put my money where my mouth was, and saw it opening weekend.
  • There were lots of great details that I enjoyed. Like, when one of the main characters has bad sex, her bra is on the next morning upon waking. But when she later has good sex, her bra is off the next morning upon waking. I hate when movies/tv shows depict women waking up in bras after a night of supposed debauchery because that is not properly debauched if you don’t even get fully naked, in my opinion. But yeah, there were lots of good details like that.
  • This movie is not at all like it was presented in previews. In fact, about 80% of the scenes shown in previews don’t happen in the movie (which is a good sign I guess, when even the stuff you cut is hilarious). It is not a movie about a wedding, or even about a maid of honor, or even about bridesmaids. It’s a movie about friends and life and being in a bad place. And ladies. Definitely about ladies, very funny ladies. In fact, I don’t think the groom even has one speaking line.
  • Even the extras and bit players were funny. Which makes sense, since I think a lot of it was improv. So even the non-major characters had to keep up, and they did, and it was great. As was the movie in general.
  • Wilson Phillips can still rock the party.

(oh, I also gradumicated this weekend, and am now officially Mastered. But that wasn’t very exciting, aside for an awesome bagpipe rendition of Scotland the Brave. Love that shit).


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