mo’ honey mo’ problems

28 Mar

Since this weekend was the first weekend since the dawn of time that I have not had a weekend-long class and/or weekend-long homeworks, I declared it Homecooked Weekend! The blessed weekend at the start of Spring Break, where I can still see five weeknights clear of class, ready for homework, and thus, the Saturday and Sunday can be spent with abandon. Abandon in the name of only homecooked meals! Most every weekend I usually try to make at least one homemade dinner, but in general they have devolved into take out and hot pockets. I have lots of recipes piled up that I wanted to try, and Stephen is a good sport about doing the dishes and eating the experiments. I didn’t take pictures because I wasn’t planning ahead, so these will all be internet-snatched photos. Lo, the fuel of Saturday:

Quinoa porridge for me (bisquick pancakes for Stephen. He is not quite THIS adventurous, at least not when there is bisquick around).

This porridge was great, and I am planning on trying to incorporate it into at least a few weekday breffists as well. Nice and warm and filling, and almond milk! YES. I reheated some this morning, and it was just as good. I need to be more precise with my sweetening, (I mostly just dumped agave and cinnamon in till it smelled sweet and scrumptious) so I can control the calories a bit, but this was a promising start to the weekend cooking! (and isn’t porridge an awesome word? I feel full just saying it. Porridge. Mmm).

Lunch was cauliflower alfredo, and it was scrumptious (though not really worth a picture. It looks just like normal alfredo). I thought about trying to make it vegan, and cut out the parm, just for grins (and because I eat so much cheese, in general, that I should try to have like, a meal a day that doesn’t include cheesings, probably?), but it really needed that extra flava. The cauli’ is really good, but it needed generous salt and pepper and a little extra cheesy-cheesey to kick it up. Still though and all, I will be making it again. I’m really getting into pasta-with-homemade-sauce, so versatile and eeeassssyyy and tasty! Growing up my momma’s go to was Ragu (bless her overworked heart), so I never really considered the possibilities of things other than red sauce on noodles. Goat cheese! Lemon! Pestos! In my belly.

Saturday dinner was with friends at Tablerock, and afterwards (and after some beers) we made attempted home made blizzards. Or, Stephen attempted. I just ended up eating my thin-mint ice cream before adding anything to it. But the spirit of the homemade was there, since we ate it at home!

Is this interesting at all? I don’t know. I like reading about what people eat, so, let’s keep going. Wrapping up on Sunday, was kale-chickpea-quinoa salad, and I am so proud of myself for this one (a hubris that came back to haunt me at the end of the night (suspense?) )! I took this tiny “recipe” and didn’t fret that it didn’t say the kale amount, or if the goat cheese should be mixed in, or those details. I just did what felt right, and it came out soooo good! Warm kale, man. That shit’s the shit.

Then, the disaster. Avocado chocolate mousse. AVOCADO CHOCOLATE MOUUUUSSSEEEE (screamed at the heavens, fists shaking in impotence). I thought it tasted good, following that recipe. BUT I only had about half the agave nectar it called for. Stephen wasn’t a fan, said it tasted “avocado-y”. Which, it did, but avocados, rock, so that’s ok with me. BUT being the palatte-pleaser I am, I thought I would try to make up for the missing agave by adding in honey, to make it sweeter, less avocado-y, so he would like it more. And oh, that will be a lifetime of regret. Honey made it nasty. I only added like, 1/3 of a cup, but it totally overpowered and did not mix well with the other flavors. Who knew! Not me. Though it makes sense now, thinking about it. But I never really eat honey, so I didn’t think of what a strong taste it has. Agave/honey, tomato/tomatoe. No. I ended up throwing the whole thing out. Which makes me sad, because avocados are ‘spensive, yo! Live and learn. And don’t add honey.

And that was my weekend, in food. Also, Kinect boxing is the best video game ever and I wish I was playing it right now.


2 Responses to “mo’ honey mo’ problems”

  1. Karen March 28, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

    Oh no! So sorry the mousse did not work out. 😦 But the kale-quinoa salad looks fantastic!

    • camalittle March 28, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

      oh, thanks! But it was my own fault. I plan on trying it again, when I have enough agave on hand, so I don’t accidently ruin it. :). It smelled reaallllyyy good too! Sad.

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