Eat your heart out.

15 Feb

I used to always make a red-themed dinner for valentine’s day, either for me and me main squeeze, or just for me, or for me and me single roommates. Being as my current squeeze doesn’t like tomato sauce or red peppers and I am not very creative as to know other red foods besides these (since red meat is out, too), this year’s theme dinner morphed into hearts, instead of red foodlies. Behold:

Hearty dinner

Creamy artichoke HEART pasta (I tried to find heart-shaped pastas, but I failed. In my defense, I didn’t try very hard).

Chipotle cheddar biscuits, doubly themed: Kind of heart shaped, and hot and spicy like true lurv.

Red strawberry margz, not heart-themed, but in heart-wine glasses!

And, the triumphant heart brownies! Which totally fell apart because I don’t have a small brownie pan, so they were way too thin. But still cute! And yummy.

it don't matter if you're black or white (chocolate)

I have a picture of Stephen eating one, after they were cut out and made more brownie like than in this picture. But I was forbidden from doing any posting of it anywhere, because he is wearing my red fluffy bathrobe (there was some unfortunate spillage during the cooking). But the internet’s loss was still my gain, since him wearing the bathrobe meant I was fully justified in calling him “Hef” all night. On valentine’s day (eve). Perfect.

won't you be Julius's valentine? (that bear was his v-day gift. he tore him apart shortly after this picture.)


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    […] didn’t do much, as is our tradition, I guess, since we didn’t do much last year either. I just asked Stephen to make me dinner and I would make desert, and he hit it out of the […]

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