24 Nov

So over my lunch break I finally got around to cleaning out the small filing cabinet that came with my desk at work. And it turns out, my desk used to be occupied by an international spy. I present the evidence: in the photo below is everything that was contained in the top drawer:

damning evidence!

You might have to enlarge it to see it all properly, but it’s so spy-gear! And I happen to know that the last person in my cube did not have the name that is on that nameplate. The titles of the files that were in the drawer are sketchy as well.

Oil Flow? Error Codes? Those SO do not go with the place I work! And you can’t really see them in the first picture, but there was a card for TD Waterhouse (you can see in the second picture) and this:

To call "The System" directly, eh?

The System. Could it sound more ominous??? I am going to try to get to organizing my shelves more tomorrow, I’m hoping to find a secret button underneath one that releases the Kraken (what? spies totally have Krakens!). I promise not to reveal your secrets, spy-guys. Cross my heart.


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