Big Lotsa Awesomeness

23 Nov

Madhuban in Boise has a mad awesome lunch buffet, and as Stephen’s introduction to Indian food, we went there Saturday and stuffed our faces silly. Mostly I had no idea what we were eating, there aren’t any English labels on the food, but there were potatoes soaked in spicy brown things and cauliflower fried in spicy red things, and it was all deliciousness dipped in deliciousness.

Afterwards we were killing time before meeting Stephen’s brother and brother’s wife for bowling, and Big Lots is across the street from the restaurant. I hadn’t been to Big Lots since I was a teen, but I used to adore that store. The kind of adoration I imagine most teen girls feel upon entering Abercrombie & Fitch. A swoony, velvety feeling of “this is where I belong. This is where my money is meant to be spent. This is where I shall define myself!” Only, less self-aware and more materialistic, since we are talking about teens. I remember my two favorite purchases there: a singing Christmas wreath and a fortune telling board game featuring Miss Cleo. That store has pretty much every weird thing a weirdo could weirdly want. And more than they could imagine in their weirdest dreams.  And for cheapz!

And best of all: it is November. The Halloween gear was 75% off when we arrived, and while we were there a frazzled manager came on the intercom and announced that everything Halloween was 5 cents. EVERYTHING. A nickel! Sadly, the Halloween goods mostly sucked and/or were broken, but Stephen got something cool and ghoul, though I forget what it was now. Probably because I was overwhelmed by the joy from the Christmas section. Outhouse music boxes that sing Christmas carols. Santas that do push-ups, for no apparent reason. Squirrels that dance to dirtied up Christmas classics. It was a winter weirdo wonderland. I limited myself to some fun candy, some wacky cookie cutters, and this magnificent creature:

I'd like to come and meet you, but I think I'd blow your mind.

His name is Starman, in tribute to the Bowie song that Stephen has had in his head for days. Starman is sitting next to my couch in my apartment. I kept him lit when we went out on Saturday and Sunday, so that upon returning to my second floor apartment, we could see him from outside through the window and casually comment to each other “there’s a Starman, waiting in the sky.” (which is the first part of the Bowie song chorus). I love him so. I can’t decide whether or not to keep him up year round, changing his outfit with the season/holiday (crown of thorns for easter, trucker’s hat and flag bandana for fourth of july, etc). On the one hand, I think it would be fun! On the other, it might be too “look at me I’m QUIRKY!” And I don’t want to degrade Starman by making him part of such obnoxiousness, if that was the case.

But, I guess one holiday at a time. For now I am trying to figure out if anyplace in Boise sells raddichio and walnut oil. I WILL make pumpkin dumplings this year, dammit.


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