So long, farewell.

28 Jul

Goodbye New York. We had a good run.

Goodbye Brian Leherer, Tim Robbins, Ryan Reynolds, Keanu Reeves, Werner Herzog, Will Arnett, Frances McDormand, Matthew Broderick. There’s maybe more of you that I’ve forgotten I saw or passed without knowing. You gave me a thrill, but mostly made me proud of how New York and I would walk past you or share your subway pole without acknowledging it.

Goodbye street parties, under my window. Why do you play the same song over and over and over? What are you trying to tell me? You started as quirky, became annoying, and now are kind of comforting. Before I turn on my air conditioner at night I know the reggae beat will be there when I turn it off again upon waking. Without this all-night soundtrack, I don’t know what I’ll dream.

Goodbye Westside and Central and 116th. Even when I didn’t know what I wanted to eat, I knew one of you would have it. Goodbye, O-Store, the only place anyone would ever and will ever believe that I speak Hindi.

Goodbye New York food! Goodbye Awash and La Negrita, goodbye Taqueria and Bengal Café, goodbye Alice’s Teacup and Tsampa, goodbye Grey Dog and Beard Papa’s and Hummus Place and Earthen Oven and Giovanni’s and Yogurtland, oh, Yogurtland.

Goodbye random street art. Dinosaurs in moons and whimsically vandalized subway posters. Love notes and hate notes from strangers.

Goodbye New York parks, New York museums, New York bagels, and New York street fairs. You all were so good to me, so simple. Goodbye crazy roommates and sane roommates, goodbye good friends and great friends, goodbye 2 am talks/drinks/dances/ferrys/smokes/arrivals/goodbyes/movies: 2 am everythings. Goodbye New York rats and roaches. I will never again trust the laws of the natural world because of all I’ve seen that defies them, thanks to you.

Goodbye New York subways. I know I’ll never feel about any other public transportation the way I feel about you. Sometimes you’re just so perfect, and even when you’re not, I know better than to complain. I know what I have, I know all you do, my crazy island tunnels. The veins, the spinal cord, the entire skeletal, muscular, nerve center of the city. Eight million people rely upon your strength, but you’re so fragile that too much rain can cripple you, can cripple them, can turn the Manhattan into a one-horse town. I could write sonnets about you, subway, but my words would never capture all I feel, so let’s just . . .

Goodbye New York. I kissed in your streets, I sat in your gutters, I cried in your subways, I danced on your rooftops. You’ve drained my sleep, my sanity, my self-respect and so, so much of my money. I have nothing more to give. Half the world lusts after you, and they can have you.  It’s not worth it to me anymore, I’m exhausted. We can stay friends, eh? I know we’ve had some good times. Let’s not ruin those memories. Maybe someday? Who knows. Take care of yourself, New York, you’ll always have a special place in my heart, and maybe I’ll see you around sometime, huh?

Goodbye sign in my apartment lobby, telling me to See the World.


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